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Oriana_01 (Member) 10/25/2011 6:29 PM EST : Umm...

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Ummm, so, can you guys invite me back? lol I said before I would be gone for awhile, and I was, now I'm back and booted. Can I can get invited back?...or.... I've been looking for someone to answer me in game, no one has sent me a tell back, so I thought I would try here
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Dr Proteus (SuperAdmin) 10/26/2011 5:36 AM EST : RE: Umm...
GP User: Dr-Infinity
Proteus guild/community Creator
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is that via the fleet search thing?.. if no one is answering via that then Im gonna have to do some thing about that.

If not I suggest that ya give the fleet search option a go. Simply open up the find a team thing and there is a tab at the top for fleet search. Once ya find Proteus just check the details and it will list out any one online who can invite. All our members can invite so it will always show if any one is in the fleet. Just PM any person in our fleet and they can hook ya up with a invite.

Alternativly log into the ventrillo and ask any one on for a invite to the fleet. Vent info is Server: Port: 4377 Password: ProjectProteus

If ya need any further help with this mate just Email me in game Im Dr Proteus@Doc_Kitty

I hope that helps champ, hope to hear from ya soon.

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