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doryshan (Council) 8/14/2010 7:53 PM EST : Ventrilo Rules
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We will try to keep Ventrilo rules to a minimum; bear in mind Blasta owns and runs the Ventrilo we use and as such, his house his rules. Additionally, we want our Ventrilo to reflect positively upon the fleet. The following was taken from a post by Doc Proteus and remains in force unless altered or updated by the Fleet Leader and Council.

Rule 1:
People should always remain mindful of others on vent, Bots used for voices will be banned unless explained in full to Doc Proteus or Dory.

Rule 2;
Racist or Religious hate speech will result in a ban from the vent server and removal from the fleet.

Rule 3;
Please stay within the channels listed under Proteus. Specifically directly under Proteus or channel lobby. Other channels are reserved for the person who pays for our server (including the executive channels).

Rule 4;
Task Force Center channels are specially created for teams running missions or stfs. Please do not drop down to these channels when in use without first asking in normal chat.

Rule 5;
Please use appropriate channels for what your doing. If your running a mission and don't want interruptions use a team chat channel. If asked to move channels by current users, please be polite and comply.

Rule 6:
Do not have drawn out arguments on open chat. Everyone has an entitlement to their opinion and we have nothing against a healthy discussion but please keep more heated discussions to private channels please. If you need to drop to a unused proteus channel. Others on vent may not have a vested interest in your conversation and may not enjoy suffering through it while doing their dailies or whatever.

Rule 7:
Under no circumstances should you openly berate any fleet members in an open vent channel. If you have any issues with anyones behavior in game request a moderator or senior officer to join you in a private channel. Disucussing gameplay is fine but yelling and shouting negative comments in an open channel will not be tolerated. Violators of this rule will be kicked from fleet, no discussion or debate. You will be removed from fleet and kicked out the channel, and you may be allowed to defend yourself in game mail afterward (pending review by senior members).

All these rules break down to being polite and respectful to each other. You should treat fellow players in vent as you would friends in the same room with you. Repeated violations of the rules may result in disciplinary action (demotion, removal from vent by moderators, or possible ejection from fleet). If anyone feels these rules are being violated( or being overly policed) please contact Doc or Arnon by mail.
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