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Kirrena, been trying to catch up with your for over a day now. Your server is down and needs to have it's version updated.
I know I have seen accounts in the past about antivirus programs suggesting dulfy had malware. In the past, it turned out to be malicious ads getting onto the site apparently. Maybe this has happened again recently?
Cheer Danraan
My Norton shows it as green in a browser search and lets me go to the main site without any warnings. I browsed through the site for about 30 min and had no warnings pop up.
Norton tells me Dulfy has malware-don'r know if its right or not. Anyone else know?
Proteus Ventrilo

This is freaking awesome

Dr-Infinity, Oct 4, 14 11:30 PM.

Proteus NWO

Dr-Infinity, Nov 13, 13 1:43 AM.

Proteus Final Fantasy

Dr-Infinity, Nov 13, 13 1:41 AM.

Proteus SWTOR

Dr-Infinity, Nov 13, 13 1:40 AM.

Proteus STO

Dr-Infinity, Nov 13, 13 1:39 AM.

Unofficial Proteus Guilds

Dr-Infinity, Nov 13, 13 1:37 AM.
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